Very early on, when we started, we made a promise to the cause of education and healthcare. With these as our pillars, we constantly push ourselves to find new and innovative ways to make healthcare more accessible and education more holistic.
While we are proud of our rich heritage, we always look ahead. We approach our two pillars of focus with a curious eye and continuously seek solutions to the ever-changing challenges of these sectors.

Universities have always been viewed as centres of knowledge. But in the face of modern-day challenges, they need to also train and equip students to become sensitive to the problems of society and help solve them.
It is this thinking that gave birth to the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS).

The University was created in 2013 by integrating the School of Advanced Studies (1999), the Dental College (1991), the College of Pharmacy (1992), the College of Hotel Management (1993) and the Advanced Learning Center (2012). The curriculum has been created through collaborations with industry experts. It encourages students to use existing knowledge to create innovative solutions.

This is made possible by:

  1. A ‘democratic model’ of education that is outcome based, not content-based
  2. Designing courses that are inter and multi-disciplinary in nature, to reinforce the Ramaiah Group’s core purpose of eliminating artificial boundaries between fields of knowledge
  3. Actively engaging with businesses and industries

The University follows an outcome-based model that is learner-centric, which is different from the traditional methods of education. Through this methodology, it aims to inculcate in students the actual know-how of the subject and encourage them to solve real, local problems. The students learn by practising their skills on live projects on the shop floor. In this manner, the University encourages a multi-disciplinary approach which results in real impact in the community.

This nurtures independent-thinking in lifelong learners who naturally go on to become the problem-solvers of society, thus helping the University further its goal of  IMPACTFUL EXCELLENCE.