• My oars of curiosity
  • Propel forward my boat of knowledge
  • On the river of wisdom
  • Towards the horizon of enlightenment
  • The energy of this universe is devotion
  • Devotion to my Guru, my teacher
  • Devotion to the quest
  • Devotion to the unreachable horizon
  • I may never arrive
  • Yet I forever move forward
  • For the loftiest goal
  • Is the journey itself


Through our work in Healthcare and Education, we seek to move our society towards harmony and inclusiveness.

We are all connected and part of a grand design. It is not enough for us to work for the betterment of humankind alone. Instead, we must come together to harness the forces of nature for the greater good.

Healthcare and Education, which are mandatory pillars in an equitable society, have the power to address wellbeing in our community.

Through our healthcare initiatives, we strive to restore the mind-body to its natural state of wellbeing. Through our education initiatives, we seek to renew the desire for knowledge and wisdom.

We, at the Ramaiah Group, hope to spread our message through Devotion to Knowledge and Service.


No field, be it philosophy, science or commerce, exists in isolation. Every field of knowledge is connected to the other.

Engineering creates diagnostic and life support tools for health sciences. Art and literature inspire ideas in science. Philosophy influences politics and governance, while commerce influences management.

Knowledge is a continuous process, with a crisp beginning and no end. To embrace this seamless blending of knowledge, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach to it. When we talk about health sciences, we talk about preserving the quality of life, and we shall do so using Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Psychology as well as other fields of knowledge like Engineering, Management and Philosophy.
We, at the Ramaiah Group, are constantly eliminating the artificial boundaries demarcating healthcare and education, through research and innovation. We began this journey with the launch of the M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology way back in 1962. Today, all our institutions continue onward on the same journey towards a shared destination.


At the Ramaiah Group, we share a common set of values that unite us and drive all our initiatives.


The freedom to explore new ideas with an open mind.
The establishment of an ecosystem that encourages and supports individual enterprise, whether in an entry-level employee or in the highest echelons of management.



A humble and grounded approach to people and situations.
An eagerness to celebrate expertise and cherish acquired knowledge.



The enthusiasm with which new people are welcomed into the organisation's family, irrespective of caste, gender, community or hierarchy.
The realisation that diversity leads to stronger growth.
The openness to collaborate to offer the best possible solutions to customers and society.



The willingness to focus on, and overcome, emerging challenges in our chosen domains of healthcare and education.
The patience shown towards new ideas that take time to germinate and blossom.
The energy invested in the wellbeing of employees, customers and partners.