Our focus on Healthcare and Education is not limited to classroom learning and hospital treatment alone. Our true purpose comes alive through community initiatives.

We believe that every individual has the right to a healthier, safer and more empowered life. Our Centre for Public Health strives for larger impact through education, research and service in public health.

A mother’s joy when she sees her first healthy child after three still-borns; a wrinkled grin made possible by affordable dentures; a mentally-challenged child engaged in conversation… Every time a person we have worked with takes another step towards a better, more wholesome life, we are motivated and inspired to expand our initiatives to touch more lives.


The Ramaiah Group’s founding family has long since embraced the timeless wisdom of Yogi Narayana, who was based in the village of Kaiwara. This is where we learn to serve and experience the satisfaction of social enhancement.



Today, a medical degree is no longer the only qualification needed to become an efficient and considerate doctor. We, at the Ramaiah Group, are working to bridge the gap between teaching and practice through Community Oriented Programmes (COP) for our students.



The institutions of the Ramaiah Group offer their expertise and services to the urban population in Bangalore through various initiatives.