Very early on, when we started, we made a promise to the cause of education and healthcare. With these as our pillars, we constantly push ourselves to find new and innovative ways to make healthcare more accessible and education more holistic.
While we are proud of our rich heritage, we always look ahead. We approach our two pillars of focus with a curious eye and continuously seek solutions to the ever-changing challenges of these sectors.

The Advanced Learning Center (ALC) was established with the aim of enhancing the skills of those who care for human life at its most fragile, by offering them opportunities for continuous learning.

Medical interns, nurses under training as well as full-fledged professional surgeons and doctors are direct beneficiaries of the ALC. Beyond Ramaiah personnel, staff from other hospitals and the medical community at large benefit from the institution's implant validation programmes and frequent workshops.

The two operational labs are

The Medical Skills Lab

Through mannequins, models and simulation techniques, undergraduates, graduates and nursing students are taught the basics of surgery, Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and other skills.

The Cadaveric Research and Training Unit

This lab prepares and hosts cadavers that act as 'near-life' specimen. This helps medical professionals hone and advance their skills.