Acts done for ourselves, die with us.
Done for others, they live on.

Sri. M S Ramaiah (1922-1997) studied till middle school before he was forced to discontinue his education due to financial reasons. By the time he turned 18, Sri. M S Ramaiah had already worked in an Industrial Training Lab and the Mysore Railways. During the Second World War, he supplied bricks for the construction of military camps in Bangalore. This laid the foundation for a successful career as a contractor.

Sri. M S Ramaiah might have been denied an education due to his circumstances, but he was well aware of the instrumental role it played in the progress of society. This led him to establish the M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology in 1962 under the aegis of the Gokula Education Foundation (GEF).

MSRIT had already made a mark for itself in Bangalore when he started the M S Ramaiah Medical College in 1979.

In 1984, he expanded his focus to include service to society through healthcare and set up the M S Ramaiah Teaching Hospital. Over the next decade, several other institutions were set up on campus, strengthening the educational focus of the Ramaiah Group.

On the demise of Sri. M S Ramaiah in 1997, his son, Dr. M R Jayaram took on the responsibility of carrying forward his work. Innovation, Quality and Research became his mantra to making a good institution a great one. In 2016, Dr. Jayaram spearheaded the consolidation of various institutions into a single, unified entity: the Ramaiah Group.

Today, 19 institutions operate out of one campus, aptly named Gnanagangotri (the Wellspring of Knowledge). With over 1650 beds, the Ramaiah campus caters to all segments of society through the Memorial Hospital, the Medical College Hospital, the Dental Hospital and the Indic Specialty Ayurveda Restoration Hospital.


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