We collaborate with the best in the world to offer world-class services. Our carefully chosen partners share similar values which are at the heart of the Ramaiah Group.


  • The Ramaiah HCG Cancer Centre is the result of a collaborative effort between two premiere institutions:
    HCG Enterprises Ltd and the Ramaiah Group of Institutions.

    “Cancer is a specialised field of healthcare and HCG is recognised as a specialist in cancer care. North Bangalore needed a dedicated cancer centre and the Ramaiah Group of Institutions was looking at expanding their cancer care programme. We approached them with the intent of doing a collaborative programme.

    We have shared a great working relationship with them and there has been tremendous team spirit between the two groups. Today, the centre has been expanded to include a comprehensive cancer centre with a newly installed state-of-the-art Linear Accelerator, Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and a next generation PET CT.

    Given the success of the cancer care centre, we began work on fertility care and launched Milann, the Fertility Centre. All of this would not have been possible without the vision and support of Dr. Jayaram of the Ramaiah Group of Institutions.

    This partnership model is a testimony of how two groups can come together and work in a very collaborative and cohesive manner with great team spirit to achieve the ultimate goal of optimising care to the patient. This, without compromising on good outcomes and safety, and ensuring it is accessible and affordable. It is truly a model worth emulating.

    My sincere thanks to Dr. Jayaram and the entire Ramaiah Group for working with us closely in making our dream a reality.”

    Dr. B S Ajaikumar
    Chairman & CEO
    HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited

  • Management and Science University, Malaysia (MSU)

  • The International Medical School (IMS) is a collaboration between the Management and Science University, Malaysia and the Ramaiah Group of Institutions, Bangalore. Approximately a 100 Malaysian students join the school every year to study a curriculum approved by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

    “The collaboration between the Management & Science University and the Ramaiah Group of Institutions in the formation of the International Medical School (IMS) has reached its 10th meaningful year. This unique relationship, formalised in 2006, has developed and grown to become a successful joint medical-education model to many. The combined efforts and expertise in medical education and services that the Ramaiah Group provides, coupled with MSU’s drive for educational excellence as Malaysia’s best teaching and learning university, have resulted in the training of 493 medical graduates.
    Personally, I am proud of this collaborative undertaking and my deepest appreciation to Dr. M R Jayaram, Chairman, Ramaiah Group and his team for the dedication shown to ensuring the success of this venture. I am optimistic that the understanding established between MSU and the Ramaiah Group has created an eco-system for IMS, Bangalore to develop further within the next decade.”

    Prof Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab. Yajid
    Management & Science University, Malaysia

  • Metropolis

  • The Memorial Hospital partners with Metropolis to conduct lab tests for patients. The idea is to leverage expertise and a low cost of operation.

    “Metropolis Healthcare Ltd is pleased to have been managing and operating the laboratory at the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital since 2004. Spread over 8,000 square feet, the laboratory has a complete array of equipment ranging from fully automated biochemistry and immunoassay analysers, to fully automated molecular platforms.
    Metropolis also has a highly qualified and experienced scientific set up. Customers at the hospital have access to pathologists, biochemists, microbiologists, immunologists, geneticists and a full-fledged research and development team. The lab is equipped to handle over 1000 samples a day and together, we have earned the trust of our customers by timely, accurate and reliable diagnosis. Putting our patients first has brought us a long way and will take us further.
    The lab at the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital maintains high standards of quality and is accredited by NABL, according to ISO 15189 2012 standards.”

    Ameera Shah
    Managing Director
    Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

  • Portea

  • Portea, a leader in home health care, has a strong presence on our campus. The collaboration with them includes:

    • Referral of patients in need of home care to them
    • Collection and diagnosis of blood samples to aid in their care process

    This partnership is leveraged to help patients who would otherwise lack access to quality healthcare.

  • Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA)

  • An MoU has been inked with KSCA to set up an Advanced Sports Rehab Facility in Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. This facility will help serve promising youngsters who are injured.

  • The Government of Ghana

  • In collaboration with the Government of Ghana, hospitals have been set up in the country to ensure that a self-sufficient healthcare ecosystem falls in place.

  • University of Illinois (UIC), Chicago, USA

  • The Heart Rescue Programme
    The Heart Rescue Programme, in collaboration with UIC and Meditronics, is for people who either do not feel at risk or those for whom help reaches too late. As a part of this programme, 2-wheeler bike ambulances and a defibrillator kit is offered to every hospital within a 10-km radius of the campus. This vehicle and the kit can be used by a paramedic to reach a heart attack victim in time, despite Bangalore’s traffic woes. If required, the victim will be brought to the campus by the ambulance that follows the bike ambulance to the victim’s location.
    This 5-year initiative will keep track of the lives saved and offer detailed data that will help others replicate the model in their locations. The programme is also practising the lessons learnt from the implementation of this idea in Chicago.

    Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
    Since 2015, the Memorial Hospital has been working with UIC to get an international accreditation in this specialised area, a feat as yet unattained by any hospital in India.

    Ayur Integrated Centre
    Chronic problems can be addressed well by Ayurveda. Indic Specialty Ayurveda is working with the UIC to ensure that Indian medicine is scientifically validated, thereby opening it up to more people across the world.

  • Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH)

  • As specialists in, and bulk providers of, cardiac care, NH offers quality healthcare to patients at affordable prices. Convinced about the benefits they will offer patients, the Memorial Hospital asked them to set up a centre in our campus, one that will also help increase their geographic reach.

  • ConvaTec

  • ConvaTec provides specialised wound dressing to those suffering from diabetes and other chronic wounds.

  • Edulink International Co. Ltd.

  • The University has collaborated with Edulink International Co. Ltd., which has a presence in the United Kingdom and China. The University receives students and faculty members from China, while  students and faculty members from here will also be given the opportunity to go on exchange programmes to China.

  • Institute for Drug Delivery and Biomedical Research (IDBR)

  • The University entered an MoU with IDBR on the ‘Design of Drug Delivery and Biomedical Devices’ project.  Under this MoU, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research thrust areas were identified and novel drug delivery systems and biomedical devices were developed. This MoU aims to find treatment opportunities for unmet medical needs and chronic diseases.

  • National Design and Research Forum (NDRF)

  • An MoU with the National Design and Research Forum (NDRF) on ‘Development of Micro Air Vehicles, Under Water Vehicles and Associated Technologies’ was signed by the University. Under this MoU, Technology Development Programmes will be formalised by both the agencies for executing sponsored research projects. This MoU aims to support development projects by utilising the services of the NDRF (consortium) Members and sharing research facilities.

  • Enlivening Technologies Private Limited

  • Enlivening Technologies Private Limited will work jointly with the University in strategic R & D and Product Development in areas of national importance including advanced composites, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous systems and other areas of interest. Both will jointly own the IPs created through this partnership and provide infrastructure and guidance to selected Master’s / Doctoral students. The University will register selected Enlivening staff for Master’s / Doctoral programmes. The Techno Centre will also facilitate the engagement to enhance the efforts.

  • Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

  • The University has been identified as a Consultant with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) in the areas of Structural & Thermal Analysis and Wireless Communication.

  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has identified the University as a vendor for Research and Development.

  • Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF)

  • The University entered into a Research Cooperation Agreement with the Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF), Warsaw, Poland to establish long-term academic cooperation. Under this Research Cooperation Agreement, the University will jointly apply for international funding calls from the European Union, the European Commission, and the Polish and Indian Governments, through the IEEF. In addition, the agreement has been made to encourage Faculty and Student Exchanges along with organising joint conferences.

  • Government of Karnataka and Karnataka State Higher Education Council

  • An MoU was signed with the Government of Karnataka and the Karnataka State Higher Education Council on the 6th of November 2015, to adopt colleges in the Districts of Chitradurga, Mandya and Bangalore Urban.

    The MoU will address student mentorship, faculty mentorship, sharing of best practices and skill development programmes, joint conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars and joint research efforts.
    “We sincerely appreciate and place on record the kind support given to the Department of Higher Education, GoK, for synergising the best practices in all higher education institutions in the state through resource sharing in ICT initiatives and ‘Gnana Samanvaya.’
    This kind of initiative will bring forth reforms in administration, academia, student support and examination for the entire state. It is the first of its kind in India. Hence, ICT initiatives of Higher Education of our State and ‘Gnana Samnvaya’ are considered by MHRD-Gol as ‘Best Practices,’ for which you all are responsible.”

    Bharat Lal Meena, IAS
    Additional Chief Secretary to Government